on{X} - about on{X}

on{X} (pronounced like 'on-ex') lets you control and extend the capabilities of your Android phone using a JavaScript API to remotely program it

what are rules?

Rules are JavaScript code that runs on your phone. A rule is composed of a trigger and an action - when X happens, do Y (on{X} do {Y}).

how does it work?

Install the on{X} application on your Android phone, log in to the website and app, and push rules to your phone. Rules you create using the on{X} website are immediately sent to your phone using the on{X} application. The rules you create run on your phone, using the phone's abilities such as GPS, text messages, phone calls, and more. The phone's abilities are exposed in the on{X} API as Triggers and Actions.


Use on{X} to set triggers based on the phone's sensors and abilities. A wide variety of triggers are described in our documentation. Here are some basic triggers:


Use an action to act upon a trigger. There are numerous actions that can be used or write your own actions in JavaScript to create infinite possibilities. Here are some basic actions: Show a notification, open an app, open a URL, send a text message, call a web service that does something cool.Want more examples?go to the recipes page

manage rules

Any rule can be deleted or turned on or off on your phone.

get started

Scan the QR code at the bottom of the screen or, on your Android phone, go tohttp://aka.ms/onxapp download the on{X} app. Use your Facebook credentials to log in to this site and the on{X} app. Then you're ready to start creating rules. Your rules are automatically sent to your phone when you create them. Start by using arecipe, creating new rule of your own, or by reading thegetting started guide

publish rules

You can publish rules you create to make them available to all on{X} users. After you create a new rule, click 'publish' on the 'my rules' page. The rule is submitted for review, and if approved, is added to the recipes list.


Have a question? Want to share your thoughts? Visit the on{X}forum,blog contact us.